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Bokashi Composting Australia

Bokashi Composting Starter Kit 2 White Buckets & 2 One MIxes {Extra Shipping May Apply}

Bokashi Composting Starter Kit 2 White Buckets & 2 One MIxes {Extra Shipping May Apply}

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Starter Kits include two Bokashi One Buckets and two 4 litre bags of Bokashi One Mix. Each bucket comes with an air tight lid  to provide ideal conditions for fermentation and a grate to separate the solid bokashi waste from the bokashi juice.

One of the benefits of having 2 buckets is the convenience. With only one bucket, once full the waste needs to be buried immediately to continue to use the system. With two buckets the waste can be buried at a convenient time any time before the second bucket is full.

Also by rotating the buckets the waste has more time to ferment (this is especially good for homes that produce a lot of waste). Longer fermentation leads to a quicker breakdown of the waste once in the soil, and additionally more wonderful Bokashi juice is produced. 

Each Bag of Bokashi One mix weighs 1 Kilo and is approximately 4 Litres in volume. 

It is packaged in a resealable zip lock bag.

The Bokashi One Bucket measures 410mm high, 310mm wide, 300mm deep and is 20 litres in volume.

The bucket comes with an airtight lid to provide the idea conditions for fermentation.

The bucket has a grate inside which separates the soild bokashi waste from the bokashi juice, this juice can be easily drained through the tap at the base of the bucket.

Various Coloured Bins: Black, White, Tan.

Made from 70% post consumer recycled plastic.

What is Bokashi composting

Bokashi composting is an eco-friendly composting system designed to be used in the kitchen.

The system is comprised of a Bokashi One™ Bucket and Bokashi One™ Mix which work together to eliminate the odours and unpleasantness associated with putrefaction and decay. Bokashi One™

kitchen composting is a convenient and hygienic process which utilises food waste to produce a nourishing compost and rich juice which inject life and vitality into your garden. Bokashi One™ composting is a responsible step to take to make a difference and to direct food waste away from landfill.

The system is practical, simple and easy to use and it’s terrific for your garden.


Put simply, food waste is layered with Bokashi One™ Mix in a Bokashi One™ Bucket. Due to the air-tight bucket and the micro-organisms present in the Bokashi One™ Mix, the waste ferments. It does not decompose inside the bucket, it reduces in volume as the water content of the waste drains through the grate at the bottom of the bucket.

The wonderful Bokashi juice produced is alive with micro-organisms and can be used in the garden and around the home. When the bucket is full, the waste is transferred outside and buried beneath the soil to complete the composting process. Breakdown is rapid thanks to the micro-organisms present in the

Bokashi One™ Mix. Bokashi compost supplies soil with nutrients from the waste and more life in the form of the micro-organisms. The Bokashi One™ system significantly accelerates the composting process.

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