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More than Biologically Active, it is BIOAVAILABLE!

According to experts, Silica is an important supplement for the development of bones, cartilage, connective tissue, quality of skin, healing of scars and the healthy growth of hair and nails. As our bodies age, we need it when the supply and absorption of silica in our diet is insufficient and our bodies become brittle and lose tone, it is vital for the supply of our cells nutrients. Withour sufficient absorption of silica, people would look very old… as silica is vital for the sufficient binding of water in our cells. No other substance can bind 300 times its weight in water.

It gives us beauty “from within” and is recommended as a vital mineral, and as a basis for a healthy appearance.

Original Body Essential silicea Gel is unique compared to other liquid silica supplements in the world. It is a true colloidal gel of natural silica in which miniscule BIOAVAILABLE particles are so finely dispersed that a thick non-sedimentary gel is formed (unlike others that are liquid solutions.) The small size of these tiny particles make it so much easier for your body to absorb.

The BIOAVAILABILITY of Original Body Essential silicea Gel provides readily available silica to assist in supporting the connective tissue, helping smooth the skin, diminish the appearance of wrinkles in ageing skin, maintain elasticity and improve the condition of hair and nails. When applied topically the gel soothes minor injuries and skin irritations, mild acne and psoriasis.

Pregnancy is an especially important time to look after your body. It is beneficial to focus on supplements in the most pure and natural form possible that are free from nasty additives or preservatives. 

Nature building block

It also helps to prevent stretch marks by promoting elastin and collagen in the skin, and gives strength and supports the growth of healthy hair during and after pregnancy. Most importantly, Original Body Essentialsilicea Gel is the only one that contains: no colours, no flavours and no preservatives.

What are the consequences if the body does not absorb sufficient silica through nutrition?

Loose, weak connective tissue. increased occurrence of bone fracture. Growth disorders. Pale and sickly skin. Skin Impurities. Itchy Skin. dull split hair. Hair Loss. Cracked Nails. Problems with teeth and gums. Weak or damaged tendons and ligaments. increased susceptibility to infection. General feeling of weakness and lack of energy. people with a silica deficiency feel cold easily.

Dosage instructions:

Oral application:

As a dietary supplement to support skin, hair and nails & to maintain elasticity of the skin. Adults and children over 12 years of age take 1 tablespoon (15 mL by metric meaure) duly diluted in water or juice.Customers often mix with water or juice in the morning. Do not drink directly from the bottle as this may cause contamination and reduce the effective use -by date.

Topical application:

To assist in the symptomatic relief of mild to moderate acne – Dab onto the affected area. For large pored or greasy skin Body Essential silicea Gel can be used also as a face mask. Body Essential silicea Gel may also assist in the relief of the effects of psoriasis on the skin and to help soothe minor wounds. Apply Body Essential silicea Gel by using a cotton ball to dab silicea Gel onto the affected area and allow to soak for 5-10 minutes. It is recommended to dispense a small quantity into a separate clean container to avoid contamination of the bottle. The skin tension which occurs is normal and supports the effect. Afterwards, wash off with water.

Refrigerate with cap tightly closed after opening. Shake well before use. 

Keep out of reach of children

After use, close the bottle immediatly and use within 5-6 weeks. 

Expiry date = unopened.


Active ingredient:

Silicon dioxide 28 mg/mL equiv. silicon 13.1 mg/mL


Each mL contains: Silicon dioxide………….28 mg

Purified water………………………………..972 mcL

No colors, flavours, additives or preservatives. BPA free bottle.


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