Community Driven


Beyond just serving delicious coffee, smoothies and cakes, we strive to create a warm and inviting space where individuals from all walks of life can come together, connect, and build meaningful relationships.

Our café serves as a hub for fostering a sense of belonging. Whether it's through our cozy seating arrangements or simply a friendly smile from our staff, we aim to cultivate a welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated.

In this fast-paced world, we understand the importance of slowing down, sharing stories, and building connections, and our café is committed to being a place where those connections thrive.



We believe that the choices we make affect our community in direct or subtle ways.

We base our decisions in respect to that belief.

We work toward strengthening and unifying the community by raising awareness and encouraging active engagement in support of Australian Based Animal Rescues, a cause that resonates deeply with us.

Not only are we an animal friendly cafe who have rescue dogs and cats of our own, but we donate all proceeds from 40c paper bag purchases & customer tips towards these vital animal rescue organisations each month, including:

  • Edgars Mission
  • Wally's Dog Rescue
  • Monika's Dog Rescue
  • Iron Dog
  • Tiki Animal Rescue
  • Rocky's K9 Rescue
  • Maggie's Animal Rescue
  • Sydney Animal Second Chance



We believe wholeheartedly in the role that small farms play in maintaining the environment and the community.

We purchase all of our fresh fruit and vegetable produce from local farmers, allowing us to use the freshest, most in-season ingredients while supporting the value of the family farm.

When you dine with us, you're not just savoring a meal, you're savoring a taste of our community's passion and dedication to freshness and locality.



We take great pride in our commitment to stocking Australian brands.

We believe in supporting local businesses and promoting products that are not only beneficial for your health, but also contribute to the growth and sustainability of our own community.

Through featuring a diverse range of Australian brands on our shelves, we ensure that our customers have access to high quality, locally sourced, and often environmentally sustainable options.